William McNeel
Golden Moon Hotel & Casino Golden Moon Hotel & Casino
Philadelphia, Mississippi
"William McNeel"
I have spent two nights at the Golden Moon Hotel, once during July 2013 and once in December 2016. I'm guessing that they remodeled the Golden Moons hotel rooms over the last three years, but I like the rooms better during my stay in 2013 than I did this time around. Granted I may have received an unknown upgrade in 2013 vs 2016 and that maybe the difference in my room as the bathroom/ restroom in the 2016 room was very different from my last stay in 2013. Overall the bed and room was comfortable. The hotel at the Golden Moon would be a 4 Star ?? ?????? in my opinion. The valet parking was very good and friendly, from my arrival to my departure. My gaming experience: The casino part I would have to rate as a 2 ???? out of 5 . I know they remodeled both the star and moon last year, but they have way entirely to many digital games and not enough traditional slot machines like they once had. Some people may love playing willie wonka's 3D slots but not me. Then they went nuts bringing in multiple Wheel Of Fourturne games and did away with the traditional ones that everyone enjoyed playing and watching the spins. Now you'll find a digital one that's probably controlled by an upstairs computer ??.... They completely changed the gaming floor at the Star which I didn't think was necessary and nothing is organized you'll have 1 cent machines next to 1$ machines and 25 cent machines next to 5$ machines I wasn't impressed at all about the casino gaming experience. Now rating my bar experience. The bartender at the Golden Moon did an excellent job and the drinks were okay but way overpriced for what you receive. If you get a shot of patron this will cost you $12 per shot and a Bloody Mary in a short glass will cost you $7.50. Excuse me ??but that's way to high for this area we are not on the beach in Florida or in a big city . I'm sure someone will reply that I could play and get free ??, well it's not like that anymore. Playing slots will cost you a whole lot more for that drink and good luck getting a spot at the bar to play for a ??. Not to mention the buffet is like $30.00 per person and $16.00 for kids. Kids should eat free I remember going while I was in college to the seafood buffet and it was $15 to $20 to now $30 plus per person. They have gone over the years since establishment in 1996 to 2016 from a great place to good, from good to worse in my opinion. BTW I haven't witnessed anyone winning any small jackpots as in ($1,600) jackpots and up since February 2012.