Chris Madden
Scioto Downs Racino Scioto Downs Racino
Columbus, Ohio
"Chris Madden"
I enjoyed going, and did often. Until I stopped in at 1am on the 25th to try my luck and ended up getting pretty lucky try 1180, 900, and another voucher at 700 and some. After cashing the first voucher I remember NOTHING! I don't drink alcohol nor do I use drugs and that's how the staff treated me when I told them what I just told you all. When I came to between 6/10 hours later I had no money or vouchers in my pocket. My car keys were lost and ended up finding them at guest services in the lost and found. I have tried to communicate with the security team and keep getting ran in circles. And I don't understand why staff would let me sit there that long without waking me up or checking on me. Someone gave me some kind of drug and took the money I won and no one at the establishment seems to care. I may go further with this, I'd like to speak to the owner about the situation I believe you may have some staff that are doing illegal things. I have an attorney I could contact and get the footage, maybe you can be more reasonable than the security team I've dealt with so far and help. I still don't feel right as of now.