Paul Curfman
Grand Lake Casino Grand Lake Casino
Grove, Oklahoma
"Paul Curfman"
Originally booked the room for two nights. Upon arrival nice check in staff, room and casino. Where the problem came in is when we decided to eat at Fireside Kitchen. First we arrived at the restaurant and the restaurant was about 80% empty and we were told there was a 20 minute wait. When we said but the restaurant is empty the server named Jillian snapped back "that's not the point", she was extremely rude. Then she told us they were short staffed and we got a pager. Upon being seated the waitress was abrupt and wouldn't let us order food and drinks at the same time which was odd. We asked for a manager to discuss the hostess. He told us there was nothing they could do because they couldn't afford to lose anymore staff. That she was put up there because she was the toughest person, apparently they consistently have an empty restaurant but tell everyone they have to wait causing altercations. From our table we watched party after party get into arguments with the hostess. We told the manager they were going to lose business but it probably didn't matter because they were a casino. The manager agreed that their service did not matter and left our table, well that was negative. The wait staff forgot to put in our appetitzer order so we didn't get that. Food was decent. All in all we were very unhappy, refused to gamble anymore in that casino. The next morning we had breakfast in Idaho Springs because there was no way we were going through that again. After that experience we didn't gamble or spend one more penny in anything in the Ameristar. Avoid terrible service. We checked out a day early and went home due to bad experience.