Clayton Kimber
Cal Neva Nevadan Tower Cal Neva Nevadan Tower
Reno, Nevada
"Clayton Kimber"
Last and final visit to the nugget. Showed up and was told all rooms of the type I had reserved were full, so was given a different older room at a discounted rate of 0 dollars per night. Not a big deal, worked out nicely. When going into the new room, I found that the room was already occupied and interrupted an older lady brushing her teeth, clothed thankfully. Returned to the front desk and was given another room in the newer tower, with only 1 King instead of two queens. Minor inconvenience, as I'm traveling with kids. When checking out, i was informed that I was to pay the entire amount. After 20 minutes of talking to her and her manager, I got the discounted rate for not having the rooms I had reserved. The conversation was borderline insulting. Also, the elevators might be the slowest elevators in a multi story hotel I've ever encountered, and a 15 minute wait on a floor to get on the elevator was pretty common. Pretty below average time. I'll not be going back.