Winston Sirajuddin
MGM National Harbor MGM National Harbor
Oxon Hill, Maryland
"Winston Sirajuddin"
Just visited today for the first time to see what MGM brought to the national harbor. The only word I can describe this experience is disappointment. Nothing against the staff who works there, they were friendly and helpful but the facility set up just makes it not a fun place to visit. First, the parking is such an issue causing a queue up just to get into the parking lot. The poorly designed system makes one want to avoid this place than actually go in. After you get in, the store selection is pretty pathetic. Selling things nobody would buy is pretty amazing. Who decided on which stores should be in this hotel should be fired. Then you have the food selection, there are several restaurants you can go to if you are open to waiting in long lines. There is also a food court that sells sub par quality food. I'm amazed typically a casino has great food but the food court was pretty tasteless and expensive. The only place I can recommend there was the chicken and donut place. Everything else you had weird tasting food, i mean if you can't even get salsa right you know there is a problem. Lastly, the casino is pretty tight in terms of space. Tables super close to each other makes it very congested and really don't feel like gambling in this environment. I have no choice but to rate this place as poor. Since they only opened in December I hope they are able to step it up, but right now it's just regrettably avoidable.

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