Rachel Orr
Amon Plaza Clarion Hotel - Central Valley
San Jos�
"Rachel Orr"
Do not stay at this hotel! On the first day we checked in and were in dire need of a shower after the 5-hour journey from Monteverde, the water shut off completely after about 5 minutes of use - sinks, shower, toilet - nothing worked. They said they would send someone down. 30 minutes later, no one had called or come by and we had to leave with dried conditioner and soap in our hair and on our skin in order to make it in time to a dinner reservation. No one apologized, no one communicated with us. When we came back a couple hours later, we ran into the reception desk employee as he was getting off of work and said to us as we walked in "your water is fixed." That was it. One day we came back to our villa and found cockroaches crawling on our bath towels (which were hanging on the towel rod on the wall). The breakfast food is terrible. The only thing that is even edible is the French toast, which is actually pretty great. On our last day after 3 nights in the hotel, we were informed that our ride back to San Jose would be delayed unexpectedly for several hours, so we called the front desk to ask about a two-hour extension from 11 am checkout to 1 pm. He said no, we can't do it, "That's the rule, we can make no exceptions," and was otherwise very rude to me. I instead asked if we could just have a one-hour extension and check out at noon. I told him we would otherwise be sitting on the curb in the 85 degree weather with our luggage for 2.5 hours waiting for a shuttle. A good hotel would say "please, feel free to go into town for lunch or relax at the pool and let me hold your bags for you until your ride to San Jose arrives." This guy was very rude and said "it sounds like you've called to tell me what you will do, not ask for permission for what you can do." Permission? Am I traveling with my mother? After paying over $450 a night to stay here, I guess I just expected a tiny modicum of respect or an apology for the inconvenience of running out of water. The only positives are the pool area, which is nice, and the bed in our room was super comfortable. I expect you can find a good pool and comfortable bed in several (or all) area hotels charging that high of a nightly rate, so do not waste your time or money on Makanda. We will be back to Manuel Antonio, but we will never patronize this business again, and I plan to let all of my friends and the internet know that this place is terrible.

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