Dianna Gear
DoubleTree Cariari San Jose Hotel and Casino DoubleTree Cariari San Jose Hotel and Casino
"Dianna Gear"
The service I experienced was not what I expect from a property that associates itself with the Hilton logo. I felt security was unnecessarily watching me. The gentlemen security staff could have been more cordial to me. The gentlemen staff in charge of the hotel restaurant and room service did an outstanding job. This resort also added gratuity to everything. Room service added both a charged for the delivery and gratuity. You had a better selection and it cost less to order room service. The room was very spacious and had a high ceiling. It had windows across one wall. The drawback about them was you could not open the window. I believe that the reason they would not open is because it would have cost too much for that amenity. I also arrived there and the air conditioner was on. After traveling all day, I was extremely cold. I call down to the front desk and told them the heat was not working. This is when I found out and was informed the resort did not have any rooms with heat. He told me to put an extra blanket on my bed. I was so glad that I booked a room with two double beds instead of one king. I took the blanket off the other bed and slept under two blankets for 10 days. I was so grateful my maid knew I needed both blankets on my bed. When she made the bed, she kept both blankets on the bed. The location is very close to the interstate and the airport so it was noisy. The swimming pool could have been cleaner and the jacuzzi was not available. Just for this reason I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. The onsite casino was no more than a game room for adults. Very disappointed with it and the dealers did not display any type of enthusiasm towards me. I can honestly say it was the worst casino I had ever step into. I spent 10 days at this resort and I wish I would have booked my stay at the Wyndham in Escuza. I would have had a free breakfast buffet and a indoor pool and jacuzzi. I can say that the only thing that I thought was acceptable was the fact that they honored the condition I had made with Corporate about not having to pay almost $20.00 dollars a day for wireless internet. This is the reason I did not cancel my reservation at this resort. As far as the warm cookie, mine was over baked and hard. I also had a very hard time receiving my daily in room complimentary coffee and tea. I would ask the maid for extra sugar and coffee. I may have received at the most an extra 5 packs of sugar and 3 extra coffees. A couple of days I did not receive my complimentary teas. I never use any of the complimentary toiletries and for 10 days I did not use the air condition in my room because I did not need it. I also did not have my bed linens change while I was there. I change my linens every two weeks at home. I saw no need in wasting the water. I can say that I did drink the water out of the tap and used it to make coffee. It did not make me ill in anyway. I also found it extremely annoying that an employee knock on my door about 9:00 am every day to inquiry if I needed laundry service. They even had a master key and tried to enter my room when I did not answer the door. Luckily I always keep the security latch secured when I am in my room. I do think that it is okay for your maid that oversees cleaning your room to be able to come in while you are not there. But someone whose oversees laundry service should not be allowed in when you are gone. It would be better to let the front desk know you need that service. I could have used the do not disturb sign, except if housekeeping saw this they might have assume that I did not need maid service. I also want to emphasize the regular staff was always a delightful experience when I interacted with the. The staff that were in supervising positions were not friendly and acted like I was something that they had to tolerate. They did not exhibit behavior that I would had wanted my employees to display if I was an owner of this establishment. I will never stay at this establishment again. Not booking directly through Hilton, no FREE breakfast, mini bar, WI-FI, not a 4 star.