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I am giving one star due to a recurring circumstance... I stayed 3 nights over the Thanksgiving Holiday 11/23/16... on Thanksgiving evening we had a fire alarm at about 1100 pm... we had to evacuate our rooms and were out for about an hour... but since everyone was out of the rooms, getting back was not quick as the elevators were overwhelmed with guests... so I informed management since I had a few other encounters involving children in the pool during "adult times" and was surprised with the front desk's reaction when I tried explaining my experience... the agent was not trained well in customer service and basically dismissed me... the GM made an apology offer and I accepted. Last night, my first night back here on Jan 6th 2016, at midnight the fire alarm sounded AGAIN... we had to evacuate our rooms... both times I was in bed and both times I witnessed older folks having to walk down flights of stairs, some really struggling to get down to the ground floor... There is an issue here that no one is speaking about and I am concerned for my next two nights here... both were false alarms as it turns out... maybe an unpredictable faulty system? I feel they tried to accommodate me but missed the crux of the problem... resolving the faulty alarm system...