clinton greer
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Citrus Heights, California
"clinton greer"
I am beyond satisfied with everything here! This hotel is beautiful, clean, and has the most gracious staff. One of the things that kind of rattled me was when they told me that everything in the bar/cooler has a sensor, and if moved, it will automatically be charged to my room. After check in, I was still worried because we needed a cooler for the food we brought (Our traditional Christmas meal). So I approached one of their staff to double check if what I heard was true. She confirmed that we cannot use the cooler in our room, BUT she said she would do something about it. When we got to our suite, they sent another cooler for us to use!! That was very nice of them. I really appreciated that gesture. Another thing I like about the Venetian is that they do not have a buffet like every other hotel in Vegas. I think one of the reasons why Vegas hotels get so packed is because of the casinos, of course, but their buffet also plays a big part. Walking back into this hotel after visiting its neighboring ones is a breath of fresh air. The next time we go to Vegas, we won't even leave the Venetian or the Palazzo. I seriously can't wait till we go back again.