Robert Meade
Choctaw Casino Resort Choctaw Casino Resort
Durant, Oklahoma
"Robert Meade"
This hotel is running a scam on truck drivers! My brother stopped on his birthday while passing through to eat dinner, have a couple of drinks, and play at the slot machines. He left to go to the shuttle which takes truck drivers back to their trucks at the Conoco across the street. He was going back to go to sleep for the evening. The security stopped him and told him he had to get a room for $300. He refused so they called the tribal cop who arrested him for public intoxication. Now he has a mess on his hands for stopping at this place for dinner and some drinks. Sounds like a scam on truck drivers to me. Believe it or not, you can be arrested for public intoxication in at a casino! You don't even have to be loud and belligerent.