Alexia Lippman
Graton Resort & Casino Graton Resort & Casino
Rohnert Park, California
"Alexia Lippman"
This is by far the worst casino I gave ever visited. It's filthy, as in the buttons on the machines had so much dirt and scum build up that they could not be pressed without getting stuck in dirt sludge. The environment is unwelcoming and the staff at customer service is rude, condescending and unhelpful. They would not cash out my voucher because they said I had to use the machine instead. BUT WORST OF ALL on our way out we saw a group of security guards berating a man (who was clearly homeless, but obviously harmless) telling him that he was stupid, that was a waste of skin and when they got him into the parking lot they said told him that if he came back again they were going to 'bash his head into the pavement'. I did not report it until the next day as I was fearful of their response. To be clear I'm not saying that the homeless man should be able to stay but there is professional way to escort an unwanted patron out. They never even mentioned call the police. All that said, I WAS DISGUSTED by my experience there and will never, ever in my lifetime return.