Scott Major
Harrah's Resort Southern California Harrah's Resort Southern California
Valley Center, California
"Scott Major"
Came for a conference and didn't gamble. It was a nice hotel with clean rooms. Free valet was awesome. There were several times that I thought to myself: I wonder if this is their first event here? Here are some examples of what I mean. The check in process took over an hour. (Yes, lots of people were checking in for the conference but they knew that would happen) The pool closes at 6pm. For those in conference meetings all day....It doesn't work. The event rooms had to be reused after breakfast and lunch. That meant our classes couldn't start for almost an hour after the meal which wouldnt be so bad but there wasn't anywhere to go. The event center seemed too small for 500-600 people. I went up to the top floor to see the view and make a phone call. Ran into security hanging out in soft chairs. Told them about an emergency exit door that was open and they basically ignored me. Almost every meal was served late and it took a long time for them to bring food to everyone, then you had to eat quick cause they needed to switch the room around. Overall it was a nice place but the event side of it is totally lacking. Rooms were cleaned every day and staff, other than security, was polite.