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Quil Ceda Creek Nightclub & Casino Quil Ceda Creek Nightclub & Casino
Tulalip, Washington
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So I rarely do review , but when I saw reviews that are too far from the reality I decided to say what I experienced at Quil Ceda. By the way those 5 star ratings and comments are from people who are paid to review, I would guarantee you 100%. I went there regularly for a year. Slot machines are very tigh, 100$ won't last more than an 30min betting 50 cents or a dollar. You might win once in every 10 to 15 visits. If you betting high you have a better chance of loosing all your money 100$ per 3 to 5 minutes. Or you might win a jackpot , which most players loose it all same day they won. Place is not attractive at all, you see a lot of homeless people in there picking left over tickets and asking for cigarette. The staff there are some nice ones, but the ones by the food lounge are rude always. Food is not that good, except the fact you might get free with your card after loosing 500$ or more they give you a free lunch. And they manual ate the slat machines to get certain people win big the first couple of weeks if they are new, then loose it all. I can't understand how the state doesn't do anything about it, all people that goes to this place are gambling addicts, their life is ruined and the casinos are making money at the expense of these victims.