Eoin Cuinn
Kiama Park Kiama Park
Yaraka, Queensland
"Eoin Cuinn"
We recently had a 4 night stay in one of the Spa Villa's opposite the beach. The park was well presented, with plenty of facilities, a lovely exclusive beach (with lifeguards, a must for us!) and nice and close to Kiama township. The Cabin was in great condition, and well maintained. The only feedback I would like to give, is to change, or increase the kids activities, and have more earlier in the morning. This is a personal thing only, as our young family is up very early, and something around the 0800 - 0830 mark for an hour or so would be quite good, and would match other competitors parks. We had a great time here, and we will be back for sure. Looking forward to the water playground being ready next year!