ryjil xiao
Hawk's Prairie Casino & Restaurant Hawk's Prairie Casino & Restaurant
Lacey, Washington
"ryjil xiao"
Great Food, HORRIBLE service. This place is always understaffed. The LONE bartender services the bar, all the players currently at poker tables, as well as the diner area. It takes roughly 20min after you walk in the door to get a menu. Another 10min until you get your order placed. Then, your food gets done super fast and you can even sit and watch it slowly die under the heat lamps for 45 min before your server surfaces from... wherever, to get your order. The food is pretty good, which is the only redeeming factor. Good luck getting your bill as your server, who has not been seen since your food was delivered, is no where to be found. It takes forever to pay your bill, and all I want to do is LEAVE! I have been here SEVERAL times, because my father likes to gamble and eat here. If it weren't for him, i'd never set foot in this place again.