Jason May
Hawk's Prairie Casino & Restaurant Hawk's Prairie Casino & Restaurant
Lacey, Washington
"Jason May"
A very disappointing poker experience. To begin, the security checked my ID (no problem), but then insisted I put on a bracelet (much like the ones you see in night clubs) and that I would get things from this. He wouldn't tell me what though. Spoiler alert, it's discounted drinks and food... why not just say this?! A bit weird. Next was registering for the $40 NLH poker tourney. To begin, the poker manager was actually playing in the 4/8 limit game that was going, so registering took a min as he had to finish his hand of course. Next was the buyin.. $40.. but $6 went to admin.. a little high of a rake but ok. Starting the tournament I realized what a shanty town this place was.. tables were shaky, chairs uncomfortable, no cup holder or automatic shufflers at the table. Not a huge issue for the shuffling except the dealers didn't shuffle that well though. On top of that that they don't actually know some of the rules of the house either, making some of the hands to come very frustrating. For example, dealing a turn without proper action taking place.. on top of that the structure was horrendous. I understand something quick in lower value tourneys but it was fairly ridiculous. Only plus side was having Fresh Squeezed IPA on tap. Not enough to overshadow the let downs though. Cheers