Havasu Landing Resort & Casino Havasu Landing Resort & Casino
Havasu Lake, California
We have been here for a couple weeks now and can't wait to leave. Paid for a month so we have a little while to go. First and foremost, they need a car ferry. I have health problems and can't walk very far so taking the ferry and grabbing a cab every time you need to go someplace can get costly. Especially if you need to go several places while over there. We also couldn't find a post office to receive a part we needed for a repair on our camper. Good thing we have friends across the lake and had it mailed to them. Wish we would have been warned about the construction that starts at 6 am . The casino is a nice size and the restaurant and food isn't bad. Need more activities to stay busy. The price is also $60 higher than the website says. My husband ask why and they said because we have to pay for improvements. If I am paying for improvements I want to be able to use them now while I am here not 2 yrs from now when they will be done because I won't be coming back here to use them.