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Caravelle Hotel Caravelle Hotel
St. Croix, Virgin Islands
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MUST READ!!!!! BEWARE OF THIS RESORT!!!!! SO...I took my family to Caravelle Resort on September 16, 2016. Worst vacation of my life. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!!!!! On Saturday September 17, 2016 I saw the house keeper for my floor in the hallway. I told her I needed towels. She said it would be a minute but she would leave them in my room. I told her that I didn't want anyone in my room so I would pick some up from the front desk on my way back from the beach. So... me and my family went to enjoy the beach. A couple hours later we headed back to our room, when I entered our room, there were towels on one of the beds. The house keeper had came in my room, I saw her in the hall, I asked her did she go in my room, she said yes, that she just opened the door and sat them on the bed. I was not happy but I let it go thinking she was just trying to be nice. So we continue to enjoy our weekend. On Sunday September 18, 2016 checkout day. I woke up and got ready to take my kids to breakfast, is about 9:00 am. I leave my cellphone on the charger and leave my room. I see the same house keeper in the hallway. I tell her that I'm not leaving, I'm taking my kids to breakfast, do not go in my room. She said ok. So we go eat breakfast and go to the gift shop. I get back to my room at 10:40 and there is a guy in my room and my cellphone is gone. I ask him, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!!! He tells me that the female house keeper told him to come to my room to clean. I tell him it's not checkout and they are not supposed to be in my room. He proceeded to go get the female. I ask her why was they in my room and where is my cellphone. She starts stuttering and can't look me in the eyes. She can't explain why they were in my room. So I go to management over housekeeping and explain what happen. They called the police and me and my 3 kids and my fiance went back to the room to wait for them to arrive. The police came, I explained to him what had transpired over the weekend with the house keeper and that my cellphone had been stolen. The police officer goes to the office to question the house keeper about when she entered my room and why. She told him that she went in my room 1 time and that was when I walked up and saw the guy in my room. The police had the hotel do a key investigation that tracks room entry. The house keeper had went in my room 4 times in between 9:00am and 10:40am and couldn't explain to the police why she was in my room. The police tell me the he was sure she had stolen my cellphone but since he didn't have her on camera and she wouldn't admit to stealing it, there was nothing he could do but get the serial number from my cell phone and if anyone tried to cell it he would call me. So I called Verizon and reported my phone stolen, gave the police the serial number, took the police report and left, angry and upset. I tried multiple times to reach out to the GM and management of the Caravelle Resort, I either got a voice-mail or no response. I was robbed at there resort by there employee and not even a call to apologize about the horrible time me and my family experienced at there resort. If you value your privacy and your possessions DO NOT STAY AT THIS RESORT!!!! I understand that things happen and you can't control what all of your employees do but when management doesnt even have the courtesy to call and show concern, it's sickening. I have stayed at at least 7 different resort at myrtle beach and I have never had an experience like this and my kids definitely were affected by this as well. Save yourself the headache and book elsewhere. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!