E Gor
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"E Gor"
Paid $4500 for the sky Villa for one night for a squadron function. They tried to force us to have a "security guard" in there for adult supervision. We were able to talk them out it fortunately. But the room was not ready until after 1700. They would not allow outside alcohol. (Which is crazy to me, because if I got normal room, I'm sure I'd be allowed to bring whatever I wanted in). Then around 1145 a few people went downstairs to put a $100 bet on black on roulette. And they weren't allowed back up because management thought we were having a bigger party than promised, we weren't. Nobody was overly drunk or loud either. Then they literally kicked all 37 or so of us out to inspect the room and still wouldn't let people up unless each individual had a room key... Just a huge waste of money so around when there are entire houses with huge pools for rent just outside the strip for less money than this hotel room that wasn't ready on time and would have to be vacated at 11 in the morning