Samantha Close
Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino - St. Maarten Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino - St. Maarten
Maho, Sint Maarten
"Samantha Close"
I was be on unpleased with the front desk and management staff at this hotel. My family and I took our father on vacation due to a rough year we had. Upon arrival is when all the problems started as my brothers room was ready for him but they let us know that our room and I'll be ready for another 30 minutes. We kindly said there's no problem and waited. After waiting over 45 minutes I went up to the desk and ask the status of the room they continue to tell me with much attitude the room would be another half an hour so I could either move down the hallway or continue to wait as I didn't want to waste my first day just waiting to get in my room we took the room down the hall. The hotel that is listed to be beachfront was nothing but a few inches of each surrounded by extremely rough water that you could not enjoy causing us to have to travel anytime you wanted to go to the beach. The staff was very unpleasant win any issues occurred giving attitude and very rude remarks and also be careful with this resort as they tell you you need to make reservations for certain restaurants however when I arrive there was no bookings available for the entire time that we were there . The restaurants that we're all available all the time had very little options and horrible food the pizza station that was actually decent almost impossible to get a slice of Pizza as few were fighting over them because they were not being produced quick enough. Our safe did not work the rooms are barely cleaned, they were supposed to replenish our refrigerator every evening with new refreshments and half the time yhey didn't or it was replaced with two or 3 items. All the bars except for the one who had limited options closed early and the pool bartenders were very rude to say the least. The only pleasantry of this experience was the food stuff they were very kind and tried to make her experience as comfortable as possible. I would not recommend Or return to this resort.