T Beck
Sandia Resort & Casino Sandia Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"T Beck"
Well, last and final edit. Since becoming a diamond member, I just can't win a thing. In the past 3 months now, there have been very few times when I could, at any point, have left with more than I brought. I don't expect to win all the time but when you just basically lose, lose, lose, that is unacceptable. I walked away from Isleta for the exact same behavior. I had better hopes for Sandia and it started out alright. No more though. Just terrible. I have to be on guard with my money constantly or the machines will just eat it up before I even get a chance to enjoy my stay. Great comps, but what good are the comps if it means you never hardly win at all... I am actually going to use the website the responsible gaming people have to ban myself from all of New Mexico's casinos. I am doing this because with all these casinos so close it is hard to not go when I'm looking for some entertainment. I don't want to put a penny more into these places and I am going to save for places like Cripple Creek. Still close by and has a 93.55 payback rate. Way better than the 88 percent that I actually saw a Sandia employee programming into one of their games. And to be honest, that one was probably one of the higher payback machines. No way! There really is a world of difference between a payout rate of above 90 percent and one below 90, and possibly WELL below 90 percent. Save your money folks!