Fastlanes 23
Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino
Gardena, California
"Fastlanes 23"
Casino is definitely ok and getting better as they update the building staff friendly and games ok Security is a nightmare you can harassing, threatening,very uncomfortable,according to security staff you may not enter there parking lot or be in or around your own vehicle. I had to make a business call during a break in poker tournament. security said i had to be in casino or leave. First time fine. But every time i been to this casino if you leave the casino they fallow you to your car. And tell you get back in casino or leave premises.... I have been to almost every poker/casino in the United states as a pro player....and never in my life been harassed or been treated this way It was absolutely most uncomfortable redickulss customer satisfaction i have ever seen. ..again once ok maybe. Every time nope... Obviously my business and the business i bring means nothing to this place. I will never step foot in this place again or recommend to any players to ether! !!! Unless they review operate a security measures that benefits customers not drive them away!!!!! For my safety ,i can not step away from game to make business phone calls ? Give me a break..... First and last impression to a business is what keeps quality customers coming back. Unfortunately they give getto kids from the hood a badge and look at how empty there parking lot is.....this is my first review to any business unfortunately it had to be bad a player i should feel welcome& safe as i enter and leave a gaming facility. ....the biggest threat ,is there own staff......good luck lucky lady casino