Austin Greer
Jack Cleveland Casino Jack Cleveland Casino
Cleveland, OH
"Austin Greer"
I've come here a few times and I usually enjoy this casino but last night was a terrible experience. My group was there for a few hours just taking our time and enjoying our night. We were all waiting to meet up and leave by the exit. I was just standing there looking at a text when an employee came up literally screaming in my face telling me I cannot be taking pictures. It took me a few seconds to even realize he was talking to me because I had no clue why he'd be yelling at me. He continued to scream in my face telling me I couldn't take pictures. I'm not normally a sensitive person but the employee seemed to be beyond stressed out. I was only glancing at my phone. I think maybe I was confused for someone else who was causing them problems, that's all that made sense to me, but that was honestly one of the worst experiences I've had anywhere in public. It definitely ruined my night and I don't want to go back there. So here's a warning to anyone who uses a cell phone in 2017, be careful, you may get yelled at here!