William Dayton
Tuscany Suites and Casino Tuscany Suites and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"William Dayton"
Stayed there for NCAA tournament kickoff and St. Pat's day. Tuscany Suites is okay and we would potentially stay there again. We liked that it was off the strip and quieter than hotels located directly on the strip. However, there were a few issues we encountered. - Lack of gaming tables. We appreciated that there were $5 tables available at times. But more often than not, most of the tables were closed - the craps table was never open until 7pm. You're missing out on people who went to a smaller place like Tuscany to learn more. It would have been nice if you offer classes, courses, etc. That taught us out to play. - Constant deck shuffling and dealer changouts interrupting play... This seemed to happen way to frequently... We would just sit down to play, get 2 hands of blackjack in and boom, shuffle. or Dealer Change.... Constant interruptions every time. Seemed very excessive. - Pool too small for size of resort. overcrowded very quickly. Never did see the lap pool or fitness center. - Business center charges for printing plane ticket boarding passes??? Cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap. chintzy and cheap.

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