Eric Evans
Casino Royale
Sacramento, California
"Eric Evans"
The casino offered $200 in free slot play. When you get there they explain you can only use it on 8 ancient machines and you can't take any winnings with you unless you win the jackpot. Speaking with two of the casino workers there I found out they have never seen anyone win a jackpot on those machines. They also offer a deal if you sign up for their player's card. If you lose $20 in their slot machines they will give you $20 in free slot play. During the time you're losing that first $20 you win about half your pulls. During the $20 of free slot play you're lucky to win anything in 10 pulls. The place is rigged even worse than most casinos. Add to that the fact that the employees are rude, the sexy drink servers are old and ugly, the drinks are watered down, and the whole place smells funny and I have to say don't bother with this place. It is a casino in a cheap Best Western Motel and that is exactly what it seems like once you're inside.