Jenika O'Donnell
Casino New Brunswick
Moncton, New Brunswick
"Jenika O'Donnell"
Attended Billy Talent concert which they put on an awesome show. However the Casino and it's staff almost ruined our experience. Arrived early for the show to wait in line for the coat check for 15 mins. Once we got close to the start of the line it just completely stops moving. They ran out of hangers.. They claim they can accommodate 2500 people but only had 2000 hangers and all full. Due to a grand percentage of people in the restaurant and the gaming floor. So many people missed the first few songs from Monster truck unless they decided to hang on to their heavy winter coats like us. Very unpleasant experience and staff was not interested in making the situation better hiding in the back of the room and not even trying to come up with a solution to or tell us they wouldn't take anymore jackets. They should be way more prepared than this. Having to go to the casino and paying 7 $ a beer is bad enough because it's the only place bands will go. But then to have terrible hostess' on top of that. Get your sh*t together casino NB ..