Alex Genz
Spirit Sands Casino
Swan Lake, Manitoba
"Alex Genz"
Hotel is in general quite well equipped. Staff is mostly helpful and friendly but even at the counter good english speaking personnel is rare. I stayed for over 7 weeks (business trip) so I got quite a good impression on the hotel and its staff. The rooms are tidy and well equipped (5 Stars!), but obviously very old. The TV is not a modern LCD but still an old CRT type TV set (though with a flat screen). The walls are covered with a very dark brown-redish wood which was considered luxurious like 20 years ago I guess. AC is working well, but some of the staff tend to set it to the minimum temperature which means after an 12h day I came back to a freezing room. The SPA area is just great. Awesome massages, a well equipped gym and an outside swimming pool with a pool attendant, some sun loungers, an artificial waterfall and even a water slide. Breakfast tends to get very busy at around 9 which means that you sometimes have to wait ~5-10 minutes to get a table. Buffet style breakfast is well equipped but repetitive. For some reason they always mix the fruit juices so the labels are never correct. That would be especially bad for someone with allergies to certain fruits. To me it was "just" annoying because they have a very sour grape fruit juice that has a very strong taste. Because of the mixing basically every juice just tastes like grapefruit. They've been doing this ~75% of the days so it was not coincidential. One of the easiest places all over Macao to get a Taxi. They have a Taxi lamp outside and someone getting empty taxies in whenever you need one. Even if you don't stay here they will get you a Taxi in a reasonable amount of time (which is not natural for Macao). KFC and Mc Donald's are relatively close as well as several good local restaurants and supermarkets so no issues here. I would just wish for them to renovate the rooms and make them more modern. A flat screen and some brighter colors would turn this into a 5 Star hotel for me as well.