Brittany Cooke
Rising Star Casino Resort
Rising Sun, Indiana
"Brittany Cooke"
We stayed in the lodge for one night. Overall beautiful and spacious room (first impression). The problem was that as i was unmaking the bed to go to sleep, there was a dinner plate sized yellow stain on my child's white comfortor of god knows what. So that made me take a look at my sheets and comforter. There were what I hoped was just mustard spots on my comforter. I called the front desk to bring up fresh blankets and new sheets. They then brought up a stack of 12 sheets and told me that they had no more blankets and comforters. So we all had to sleep with 3 sheets each and I had to make the beds myself. The person who brought up the sheets just simply appologized and left. If we did not have the experience we did, i would have given the room 5 stars.