Shelby Dibble
Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral
Cape Canaveral, FL
"Shelby Dibble"
Overall the price is super affordable for what you get. Free drinks ( alcohol and soda etc ) for the entire time when playing games , which is a huge +. The cruise is very outdated by appearance. The games are all modern but not many interactive games. Lots of old style gambling games as far as slots. The smoke was not horriable like people say. I will say that the levels with no smoking have the bottom of the barrel slots , which is unfair. The cruise is very small so you feel every movement so if you get sick easy I don't recommend. I took the pill and still felt sick. The bar on the top deck closed at 1245PM , which seemed very odd to me and inconvenient considering I felt sick entire day , so closest place to grab a drink wasn't in walking distance. Now onto the buffet which is a joke. I've been better served in prison shows on TV. The food is very low quality and presentation is minimal. Overall the cruise is very outdated and you can see why we pay so little. Also if you are young this is a 55+ age environment so you will feel out of place at times. The staff did not great or smile when passing by on the boat which seemed odd. Seemed like the second they clocked in they wanted to clock out. We got free passes to come back within 30 days and we gave those away upon leaving at end of day. I would recommend more slots with interactive features. Take some of the profits and update your boat.