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Apr 9 '17 at 6:20


Running Aces Harness Park

Restaurant and Casino review are the same 2 stars: Card room Review: It's a card room all in all. However, their policies seem to change from manager to manager or month to month, i.e. cell phones not allowed on tables, then allowed by not on. A lot of the cards have marks on them (dents). I was told it's their card machine, however a couple of decks I noticed it was the aces that were marked. When asking for a new deck due to the marks, the response has always been "every deck have marks on them". They're dealers are a mix of jovial and polite to downright rude and inconsistent with their dealing responsibilities, however since this isn't different from any other casino so I will not factor this is in for the review. Restaurant: The grill (not sure if they're cooked by different people) is actually not bad and somewhat reasonably priced. However, both times my wife and I have had a sit down meal (2 times) we have gotten poor meals (especially their specials, i.e. corn beef and cabbage). Almost to the point it's not edible. I go back for only select poker events, and don't play on the money games since the cards are all marked and their policies don't jive with what I see as possible means of techy marking. I will only order off the grille.