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Apr 14 '17 at 14:55

Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall
I visited this casino for the first time last night to check out their $10 buffet and do a little gambling. They currently have a promotion for a $10 buffet Mon-Thurs. After last night's experience I don't feel they are quite prepared for such a promotion. We waited in line for an hour just to pay to get to the buffet. Figured the wait would still be worth a $10 buffet and to be honest, the food was quite good. The service was TERRIBLE. We were seated, stood in another line for food (which was expected). When we returned to our table nearly 5 minutes later, we still had no silverware. So we sat with our food on our plates for a number of minutes before we were finally brought the tools to eat the food on our plate. Our server returned 3 times after this to tell me she would have my drink right up. Meanwhile, I finished my first plate of food without a beverage while the server continued to ask me what I wanted to drink again. As for my experience, the negativity ends there. Unfortunately, the couple sitting at the table next to us (who was seated after us) got up to get a second plate of food. The staff quickly cleared off their table and proceeded to seat someone else at their table. Meanwhile, the guy sitting on the opposite side of them told a manager that the couple was in line and he didn't feel they were done. She ignored him and walked away. A different couple was seated at their table. It was an incredibly uncomfortable experience watching the original couple come back to what was no longer their table. I just feel that overall, they were way busier than anticipated and it negatively affected my experience. Although the food was decent for a $10 buffet, I would never return.