Kat M
Sandia Resort & Casino Sandia Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Kat M"
I was on the architectural team for the Sandia when we built it, but I'm going to be honest in my review here. First of all, the architecture is a modern brilliance. The time we put in and team it took us to build the casino was a miracle in and of itself. When you can see something built from scratch, see it on the computer, then watch it being built, it is, with out a doubt, something you cannot say is simply "okay". This casino was a masterpiece during its time. That said, having lived in Las Vegas NV for 8 years, it is not (nor was is suppose to be) anything remotely close to competition with Las Vegas. Albuquerque has it's own architecture and culture that makes it Albuquerque. The Sandia Casino experience itself has a reputation that all New Mexico citizens seem to promote. Sometimes that sense is rubbed the wrong way, and it makes the people seem gloom and doom. I have yet to find a casino that doesn't have said people. The food has always been delicious and the environment is breathtaking. Still, customer service needs some motivational and positive changes because the people are what keep others returning.