Mario Reasby
PT's Pub - 3470 East Sunset PT's Pub - 3470 East Sunset
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Mario Reasby"
Obviously a prejudiced place. Was getting my car repaired at the Pep Boys across from there early one morning and the guy at Pep Boys told me I could go and get breakfast there. I walked over and noticed the door wouldn't open when i tried to pull it open. I thought maybe there was another door and went around the side and there wasn't. So i went back over to the main door and knocked. Nothing. Knocked again. Nothing. Knocked again and a guy comes out and says to me that the lady won't let me in because of my hoodie and that, "Sorry man you probably get it all the time that you look the part." I was blown away. And like I said, this was probably 8 in the damn morning in January, so it was pretty chilly out! I said something to the effect of just because I'm black doesn't mean my money isn't green just like the everyone else's. So I walked off and went back to wait for my car. Worst experience ever.