Andrew Nutumya
Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort
Towaoc, Colorado
"Andrew Nutumya"
Visited the casino and stayed in the hotel since it was close to the four corners. The hotel rooms are decent, nothing special. But all it takes is bad service to earn a low rating. I had a dispute because a machine didn't print out a voucher. I looked for a floor attendant and there weren't any around. I found a custodial worker and they found someone for me. The FA reviewed my machine and couldn't find an explanation. He called his supervisor and she couldn't find an explanation. They told me the voucher was printed to which I never received one. No other person had used the machine since the error. They kept reviewing the last play and it was clear that I had bonus credits remaining. They then said they'd have surveillance review as well. They took my info and said they'd contact me to which they never did. I spent over a half hour waiting before I returned to the machine and they were still trying to figure it out. Because they couldn't figure it out, they tried to justify it by saying I had to play my bonus credits but the machine clearly gave me the option to cash it out. At this point I'm mad and clearly wasn't going to get help from the "Manager on duty". I walk away then decide to go back to get the MOD's name. When I asked for her name, she accused me of drinking (it's a dry reservation) and said she was calling security to evaluate me and that they could search my room. All without incident! I had only disputed the machine and asked for her name (she eventually told me it was Stephanie). Security shows up and they realize they can't make accusations without just cause so they keep it cool and ask if I want to do a "voluntary statement". At this point I wanted it to be known how the MOD Stephanie treats their guest. I decide to write the statement and they isolated me from my girlfriend by taking me to the security office in the back. The whole experience was enough to make me never want to come back. I never got reimbursed. Instead, I got accused of breaking a federal law by someone who wasn't law enforcement. Basically for the dispute and inconvenience. Stephanie needs more training or to be removed from her position.

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