Daniel Kantor
Barcelo Bvaro Casino Barcelo Bvaro Casino
Punta Cana
"Daniel Kantor"
The service was excellent, but the food was horrible. The staff was fabulous, trying so hard to please us at our every turn, unfortunately the cooking staff seemed to lack the adequate training to achieve this. We visited all of the restaurants, and buffets the resort had to offer, and had the same experience at each establishment. We experienced gummy mashed potatoes at every location, over salted yet bland everything else, fishy tasting seafood, and embarasing attempts at replicating Asian cuisines. Also, they're lobster bisque is not lobster bisque, as it does not contain any dairy or lobster, and the rolls were always extremely stale... like rock hard stale. Also, it was notable, that the food quality declined severely throughout service. It appears that they make large batches of everything ahead of time, and do not make anything new throughout service. The steaks served at the resort are decent, and were the only thing of reasonable quality we had during our stay. The rooms are clean but designed oddly, and are a little small. Bottom line, we would not recommend staying at this resort.