Tracy Chandonais
Kewadin St. Ignace
Saint Ignace, Michigan
"Tracy Chandonais"
I liked the size of the casino, not so large that the noise and amount of people inside got to be to much and not so small that I got bored quickly. I'm not a drinker so it was nice to see the availability of free pop, water and coffee. I'm also a non-smoker so I was a little disappointed to see that smoking was still allowed inside. The place was clean, the staff was nice, check in was efficient. The rooms are on the small side with no microwave or fridge. And too expensive for not having those things. Your first time there you can register for a free players card that will include a free 5 bucks to get you started gambling. Remember this tip, no matter what form of payment you are using to gamble, always put your players card into the machine. It registers your playing activity which earns you credits to use gambling. Also, the more you play the more likely you are to earn free night stays, has vouchers, good vouchers, and random deposits of free credits to your card.