Wolfy Wolf
Sudbury Downs
Chelmsford, Ontario
"Wolfy Wolf"
It's really out of the way. No city bus service to get there, and shuttles leave you trapped there for many hours at a time. The building is lovely though most of it is closed off. The restaurant has the most delicious aroma coming off it! (We did not stay to eat, so my review there is limited.) The gaming room is filled with bright and happy machines and has an arcade feeling to it, but it doesn't have much to offer in the way of variety. It is pretty much nothing but slots. There are different themes and price points for each machine, but at the end of the day, you don't get to do anything but watch things spin. There are two obligarory Black Jack tables, but even those have electronic dealers. Where's the personality? It is a simultaneously exciting yet boring and creepy place. Makes me think of all those shows and books that have humans drugged or enslaved while some faction or alien takes over unnoticed. (No, I don't believe there's an alien plot here, but the point is still valid.) There is absolutely no human interaction. There is absolutely no draw to this place other than the vague possibility that you might win some money. You can do that at your own corner store or at home on your computer. At least at the corner store you can get more interaction. Or the bingo hall! You can gamble there too, but you also get to be more of a community there! Arcades have more variety and interaction for Pete's sake! I know there are some people who like it there, and I see it as a great place to go once in a very blue moon, but I don't see much of a draw to it to make it a destination of choice.