Claude Williams
Quechan Casino Resort Quechan Casino Resort
Winterhaven, California
"Claude Williams"
Driving back to San Diego from Phoenix we decided to stop to eat and do a little gambling as a break from the road. We dealt with the highway detour and stopped at Quechan. NEVER again. We entered the small, virtually abandoned gaming area and proceeded to find the Ocotillo Cafe for lunch. Service was nonexistent even thought there were only 4 or 5 couples eating. We each ordered the Pastrami Reuben sandwich. Horrible sandwich and the shoestring fries that came with it were so salty they were inedible. We even tried to remove some of the very poor quality meat off of the sandwich to salvage the bread but still couldn't finish the sandwiches. My fiance and I decided it was a lost cause so we headed to the cashier to pay for our meal. We were told we had to wait for our waitress to pay and she was somewhere in the back room/kitchen. We also observed this with two other customers trying to get out of there. The bill came to $26.64 for two horrible sandwiches and two coffees. We mentioned our dissatisfaction with our meal but not being one to try and get freebies I just paid so we could get out of there. Neither the hostess or the waitress seemed surprised or showed any concern for our dissatisfaction. Following that we proceeded to the members services area to get players cards and the "Up to $100 free play for new members", "Up to $100" = $5 free play just to let you know. We then went to the gaming area which is very drab and depressing. You do not see any staff checking on the guests and inquiring as to how there visit is going. The only people I saw was staff emptying trash cans and others just walking around. We had discussed spending the night but as we sat there we decided this was not a place we wanted to stay, they hadn't earned our business in that way. The only true bright spot was a young lady who was providing drink service who was very pleasant and courteous to all of the quests. Some may read this and feel that I wrote it because we lost money gambling so we are upset about that. The opposite is true we actually did rather well but even while we were winning we felt so unwelcome and uncomfortable that we chose to leave and continue our drive. My fiance and I are VIP members at Barona near San Diego and this experience truly made us appreciate how we are treated there. We stay there free every week and are truly pampered including free food and staff coming by to speak with the guests on how their experience is going. We travel frequently to Phoenix for business and pleasure but this is a stop we will not make again. Until they learn that their guests should be the priority it will remain an obscure stop on a lonely highway.