Dana Mendez
Quechan Casino Resort Quechan Casino Resort
Winterhaven, California
"Dana Mendez"
To far away from where I live, but a lot of fun on weekend,life music at the bars, dinning restaurants after hrs cafeteria, great outside activities for the whole family in summer time with the pool river to float around, an outside Bar for those that like to drink while they're on the pool and family reunions. Beautiful concert ballrooms for private parties also, banquets, businessman reunions. Elegant hotel ??????????????????????????????wake up calls, ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wi-Fi ?????Hotel,???????????????security's 24/7, great place to visit for one day , a whole weekend or as much get away time you want from the city, close to the Mexico border line in Algodones and with out living out all the entertainment you like if you're a gambler. Games and poker tables, to gamble all you want also 24/7.