Kiana Williams
Sunset Station Hotel and Casino Sunset Station Hotel and Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Kiana Williams"
Worst buffet I've ever had. The food was sitting for what was clearly a long time. It was hard to find anything actually appealing to eat. Walking through, I noticed more than once there was food that was mislabeled. There was a very rude chef who works in the "Asian" section the "chow mein" had no flavor. It was fairly cold, mushy, and dry when I got to it. In the "international" section there were beans that looked like dried, caked mud with the cheese looking more like white and yellow flower petals. The Mexican rice was clearly old and needed to be changed I was there for over an hour. It never was. The beef for tacos? I tried it. I wont reccomend this. The ranch at the salad bar tasted mostly like mayonnaise. Oh, but there are hot dogs they were good. But who can mess those up? Overall, I doubt the chefs care about what they put out or how it looks afterwards. Any of the food I did feel I could put in my mouth was mediocre at best.

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