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Monto, Queensland
"edward zellmer"
If anyone is looking for a great deal on hotels you can check it out on HoteIRaven. com Booked a hotel on there and they had the cheapest rates around... We went to the Monte Carlo to explore, grab a couple drinks, and eat dinner. The casino is large and clean. Plenty of games for everyone to enjoy. The bars are nice and cost equivalent to most hotel/casino bars. We ended up eating at a little Italian restaurant out on the patio. I say out on the patio, but in actuality we were still inside the building, under a beautiful sky painted ceiling. The food was wonderful. My wife had the Sea Bass and is still raving about it. There are lots of shops and cool things to look at, but if you visit, you have to watch the show of the statues down at the end of the mall. Lots of flames and fountains. Very entertaining. Overall we enjoyed walking through the Monte Carlo and would suggest that everyone at least stop in to see it. Worth it!