Ladydawn ROSS
River Rock Casino
Geyserville, California
"Ladydawn ROSS"
OK well for starters let's discuss the Hotels parking dilemma shall we? I'm not sure how you feel about driving for 4, 6 or even 7 hours but then taking another "1-2" just to get to the guest parking lot is atrocious! You have to fight your way through cabbies, gambler's, and well just plain idiots that don't know how to drive period! If you are lucky enough to get a spot in the hotel you're going to have to squeeze in the two, yes two rows of parking available for you! Alas we weren't that fortunate:*( luckily for us they provided us with "complimentary" valet parking where our vehicle received "complimentary" BBC gunshots too . I do have to say that the Casino could use a really great big giant Air Freshner too. Maybe just hang it up from the ceiling or something. I'm not really a big fan of sweaty body odors. I really was expecting to be blown away but not by the aroma of people who have not showered for 24hrs. The rooms are impressive and very artistically pleasing. The color scheme is beautiful and the decor well put together. If you don't mind the airplanes flying directly overhead and the loud noise you'll love this hotel. I don't think I would come back again.