Tatyana Malyutin
The Palms Casino Resort The Palms Casino Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Tatyana Malyutin"
WOW! What a fake of a restaurant! If this is a Michelin star restaurant then Michelin standards are no more for me. But emotions aside, let's talk about busyness. AMBIANCE: nothing remarkable, but with great views. SERVICE: polite, trying to be professional, but still doesn't give an impression of a high class level with a few slips accrued. FOOD: was a complete failure in our case. From all the courses of our $155 (+$20 for the caviar course) tasting menu not even one was interesting, creative, well presented or at least really tasty. EVERYTHING was so bland and mediocre that you feel that for this kind of prices you are being actually insulted. We tasted many tasting menus in other high caliber restaurants. Some were better then others, some not, but NEVER we paid this kind of money ($343 total after redeeming our $150 gift certificate which equals almost $500) leaving half hungry and very disappointed in all aspects of dining except the view). And that speaks about the VALUE point. Yes we can afford this kind of dining, but in return the restaurant (if it charges this kind of prices) should at least provide some satisfaction to the patrons who are willing to spend it here. This place failed in this department completely.

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