Albertino M.
Oaks Card Club
Emeryville, California
"Albertino M."
While in area with meet ups, I had to use the restroom. Instead of coming in main entrance by coat check room, I opted for hofbrau entrance. Media vehicle was park at BofA, oops! Seems? like the place has cleaned up a bit. New carpeting? and automatic time? air fresheners?. The environment sure has changed, but not the down on their luck folks. Loitering is a common daily practice here. "Hey brotha, how about loaning me fine bucks?" It's a place for those to go in the middle of the night if they're feeling lucky. They've California style blackjack, pai gow (tiles), double-hand poker (American style of pai gow. They've a bar and restaurant? that serves mostly american and asian cuisine. Security guard posted near each exit, but once you're out of their sight you're on your own.

Vegas Helicopters
Vegas Helicopters