Joshua Lierman
Zia Park Casino Zia Park Casino
Hobbs, New Mexico
"Joshua Lierman"
Went to Centennial Steakhouse. Food was good, ordered steak medium rare and had to wait on a remake because the first came out medium well. They have those stupid temperature flags that they stick in the steak, from my experience in food service (5 years), I know these flags are only there to reduce food being sent back, cooked properly or not. The food was very good with ample portions, the wait staff was very friendly and accommodating, however I was at the bar without a dedicated bartender. This would have been fine if I had something to watch on TV or Wi-Fi (mobile internet is dead inside this cave). I asked if they had a certain channel and they told me they only had 5 to choose from, yes FIVE. No mood music when I arrived and a crappy b movie blaring over my shoulder in the bar area from another tv. They really need to work on the entertainment factor. For god sakes, at least have WIFI!