John Bailey
Parx Casino Parx Casino
Bensalem, Pennsylvania
"John Bailey"
I don't hate this place. I love this place!!! I spent all my and my girlfriends money here. We now are living in hotel rooms day to day. We can't feed ourselves and our 2 dogs. My bills are unpaid. Lost a well paying job. We lost everything in storage. My girlfriend is extremely sick with a failing kidney and yet, I'm never home to help her cause I love to lose money so much. I've stolen money from people by promising to get them drugs and what not. Taking their money to gamble it away. Increasing my lynch mob by $300 a day. I am now part of a retail theft ring with 2 chicks on heroin just to support my habit of gambling. I had $40,000 a few months back. Visions of a home on the horizon and a happy family to share it with. Now my dream of being a black card holder came true. As long as I have that baby I can live large in VIP parking instead of handicapped. Eat key lime pies with food credit. And earn free play a surprise points to fuel my fire everyday. Then I run out of that and go to the nearest Walmart and purge on shop lifting and returning to gain cash. It's a vicious cycle. Thanks Parx for not seeing the true signs of a poor mans gambling addiction. Love yours truly, Shawn G.