Mathieu Powell
River Rock Casino
Geyserville, California
"Mathieu Powell"
I'd love to say this was a fabulous hotel to visit. The architecture was magnificent and the kids thrilled to the size and grandeur. They loved the pool especially. For my wife and I though, it was a different story. Communication seems to be a problem in the hotel. My wife arranged to rooms and we asked that I be included in the registration. They didn't get around to it, so when I ordered dinner and tried to put it on our room's tab, I had to get my wife to do it. This was hours after I was supposed to have been added. The cleaning staff we met were lovely people, so I'm sad to report our room was not clean. We found almonds on the floor, and a beer can under one of the beds, and dark hair in the bathroom. We have a two year old who lives "on the floor", so we were not happy about this. We asked to extend our check out time until noon instead of the usual 11:00 am check-out so we could take our kids swimming. Once we finished our swim, we couldn't access elevators or our room, so we all trooped through the hotel, dripping wet, to get an update on our room card. You need to put your room card into a slot on the wall by the door to turn the power on in your room. Great idea, except no one took the time to explain that to us. When I went down to load the car, I had to get another key to get back into our room, which they gave me, except it didn't work. No one told us there was a "private" button around the corner from the door, so the cleaning staff, not knowing we had extended our check-out time, rang the bell, then knocked then quickly popped in to catch in the midst of changing out of our swim suites into our cloths. All these problems are communication related. Finally, I asked the person checking me out (who was also very nice), to have the manager call me. Two days later and no sign of a phone call. That's the reason I finally decided to write this. Beautiful place. The staff need to work on upping their communications.