Sherika Nelson
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Rio San Juan
"Sherika Nelson"
I read the reviews and at first I was hesitant to make reservations. I decided however that I was going to keep an open mind and form my own opinion. I made reservations via a travel agency and when I went to check in, there were some issues as it relates to the communication between the hotel and the travel agency and the front desk personnel did not know how to assist and so a supervisor was called in. When the supervisor came after almost a hour, she basically placed the blame on the travel agency and at no point acknowledged the inconvenience I am having as the consumer with no knowledge to behind the scenes planning. The travel agency was closed as it was a Sunday and so there was no one to talk to besides the hotel. The supervisor asked for a minute and left us standing there for another hour and when she returned claimed that she thought the conversation was over. I was flabbergasted. I tried to remain calm and collected and decided that I will just take up the matter with the travel agency as I was not getting anywhere with these people. After checking in, I was told another bed will be sent to the room, that did not happen. I called to inform them that enough towels were not placed in the room and was told they would be sending some up, that didn't happen. At that point I was just over it all. I must say that, besides the obvious issues, the hotel has serious potential however I will not be returning.