John Smith
Terrible's Lakeside Casino Terrible's Lakeside Casino
Osceola, Iowa
"John Smith"
Not impressed. Security told me "I better see your ID young man" and I'm in my late 30s. I found this very disrespectful. How about "Sir, may I see your ID please?" When eating at the buffet, I was handed off to the bar without my knowledge. When I went to the exit register to pay, I was very rudely told I needed to pay at the bar. When I went to the bar, the bar tender girl was chatting with another customer as she was taking my payment; plus, I didn't get a glass of water until 15 minutes after I sat down. I recommend that management better train their employees to treat guests with more respect . I also recommend to reduce the minimum craps bet from $5 to $2 as there was nobody at the table. This was my sole reason for visiting. I literally spent 30 seconds walking through the casino before leaving for good. I won't be back.