Monica Bohn
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"Monica Bohn"
I can't enough positive things about the employees at the Suncoast. The casino is very clean and the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. The food is good. There is a movie theater but I haven't been in years. I've been to some of the performances held there....magicians, ventriloquists, comedians....all excellent. I've never stayed in the hotel part because I live in Vegas but family friends have stayed there and have never said anything negative. But to me the thing that stands out most is the employees. Over several years many of them have become more like friends and a couple of them even like family. My mom had lung cancer. They knew us before we found out and they basically went through the journey with us, offering as much love and support to my mom as anyone can in such a situation. When she could no longer go out a couple of them took time to visit her. When she passed away they offered as much comfort and support to my dad and I as anyone can in such a situation. I realize this is a very personal situation and not everyone develops relationships like that with employees where they are customers at....especially with so many of the employees. I know it reflects partially on my family being very friendly but even so, it's not like that anywhere else we've gone to regularly over the years. To me it speaks volumes about the employees who work there and are friendly, caring, compassionate people....and it's reflected in the various positions they hold and they way they interact with the customers who come in. I know many locals go there regularly and I think that says a lot.